About Us

All text and images on this page can be edited through the Admin site. You can have 3 general areas for text and 2 pictures.

The function of this page is to provide an area where you can give some information about your business.  Studies have found that it's beneficial for online customers to be able to connect with the owner of a website and to know there are real people behind the websites.

This helps potential customers build a level of trust with you, which makes them more comfortable doing business with you and trusting you with their payment information and with their children.

You might want to provide more information on how long you've been in business, the number of teahers and their experience, and your philosophy on education.  Any information that you feel might be questions a customer would have about your business.

Finally, you might want to provide some details on what your students experience in your classes, the benefits they receive, and feedback you've received from your students.

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