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Piano for Tiny Fingers Private Lessons
Age Range:
Children 4.75-12yrs. Private & Semi Private Piano

Class Structure:
Private Piano Lessons with one lesson per week.

Class Length:
Private-30min., 45 minute

Welcome. I am excited that you are interested in advancing your child through enriching, fun piano lessons. The gift of music, is a gift your child will never outgrow.
  • In a private piano lesson your son or daughter will receive all of my attention and therefore advance easily and joyfully in a manner that suits their personality and learning style.
  • ​New students may begin at any time if there are openings. Lessons are offered year round.
  • Parent in lesson is optional but not necessary. (Only one parent & no additional children may be in room.) 

Private, early childhood piano lessopns starting at Kindergarten and older may be arranged in my unique piano studio in Encinitas. The studio is where the fun begins, as children are delighted with the comfortable, child friendly environment. .

  • All curriculums used are comprehensive and include Theory and Technique.
  • The Alfred, & Faber Piano Prep Course for children starting at 5 & 6 years. Students beginnig at age 7-9 begin with the Alfred, & Faber Elementry piano courses.
  • ​In addition, recital songs from classical and popular music are included in lesson materials.
  • Suzuki is also added to some students lesson work.
  • Classical repertoir and popular songs are also added to complete a balanced program of study.

Kindergarten & Elementary age students (5+ years and older) learn favorite popular and classical songs in additon to the comprehensive Lesson books, Technique and Theory. 

Fall songs include fun Halloween, Christmas, and Chanukah selections.
New Year brings Recital selections from Classical and Popular Repertoire.

The piano is the primary instrument used, along with other activities for rhythm patterns, music dynamics, ear training & pitch, theory, melodies to sing, and music symbols we will color or draw. Your child will learn to read music and play the piano in a surprisingly quick, fun but gentle process.

  • You will need a keyboard or piano in your home for your child's practice time. Practice time in the beginning is 5 to 15 minutes at a sitting depending on your childs age. Regular short 5 to10 minute practices four to six days a week are more fun and effective.
  • Parents must encourage and set a regular practice time for their young children and be available to help organize the practice materials and be actively interested. This is a very parent friendly curriculum with excellent parent guides on each page so that you may assisit your chid even if you don't read music. (Parent may attend lessons.)
  • Parents who treat music as one of their child's academic subjects and value piano practice to be as important as any other homework subject, find their children progress and excel. Parent involvement and interest is vital. 

To schedule a free consultation/lesson or discuss piano lessons for your child, please give me a call or text at 760-994-8714 or email at pianofortinyfingers@gmail.com.

  • Weekly half-hour, 45 minute and hour long lessons are paid for by the month and scheduled at your convience on a regular weekly day and time, reserved monthly for your child. ​
  • ​I  accept MC, VISA & American Express. No enrollment fee or contracts.
  • Private piano lessons are $35.00 per half hour lesson.
  • Semi Private lessons for siblings that are 8-12 years old or older require a 45 minutes and are $57.00. (Children younger that age 8 are not offered semi private lessons.)
  • Semi Private lessons for non related children age 8 -12 years, are 45 minutes and $28.50 per child.
  • Tuition is paid in full at the beginning of each month and may not be transferred or carried over to the next month, as your time is reserved and held for you monthly. 
  • Flexable summer schedule and time off for Major Holidays.
look forward to speaking with you soon about your child and this fun and enriching Piano Lesson program.

Kathleen Gillie

Times Offered Fees
Piano Lessons & Pre Piano
Lessons by appointment scheduled early and late afternoons or evenings.

Please call, text or email for availability.

$35.00 per private half hour weekly lesson.

Semi Private lessons $28.50 per child.Semi Private lessons are only offered for beginning older elements ages.

Scheduled at your convience monthly.

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