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We're changing the world one child at a time. Kindermusik International is the world's leading publisher of music and movement curricula for parents and their children. My class for children 3- 4 year old children called Imagine That is offered to private groups requesting lessons for their group.

More than 5,000 licensed educators use the Kindermusik curricula in more than 35 countries, reaching 1 million families.

Kindermusik International has more than 35 years of experience creating curricula based on new and proven research in child development. The award-winning books, CDs, games, and instruments nurture skills in the whole child: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language.

As a Kindermusik educator I have thoroughly enjoyed every curriculum I have worked with. To date I have taught 27 different themed Kindermusik curriculums each as inspiring as the next. There is enough curriculum variety, so that each time you re-enroll you will experience a whole new world of music, songs and activities.

In a Kindermusik class, I lead children through joyful activities, using music, instruments, movement, puppets, books and poetry. Parents learn more about their child's unique developmental process, and the shared learning experience creates a unique bond as the child associates learning with fun, musical play. Children are encouraged to be creative and make choices. Each child's needs are honored children participate in his or her own unique way. The learning process continues at home, guided by specially designed books, CDs, and games ro parent and child to enjoy together.

Children in Imagine That ages 3-4 years learn to participate without the parent sitting with them during the lesson time. Children this age will share and contribute thier ideas more freely without the parent with them. Be positive and let your child know how well they will do and how much fun they will have with the other children, and how proud you are of them.  Be positive, encouraging and excited about the big boy and girl class, and your child will finish the first class excited, happy and enriched.
Parents are invited to the first lesson to help children transitioning from 'Mommy and Me' type toddler classes. Private lessons available where parents may participate.

Kindermusik's philosophy is founded upon rigorous research and our fundamental beliefs that every parent is the child's most important teacher; every child is musical; the home is the most important learning environment; music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development; and every child should experience the joy, fun, and learning which music brings to life.