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Mistletoe Musikgarten has provided early childhood music and movement in Fort Worth since 1997. We are deeply committed to sharing joyful, active music-making - in baby music classes, toddler music classes, and pre-school and kindergarten music classes with children and adults. While we nurture music aptitude and develop music literacy, children and parents (and adult piano students) enjoy their musical activities, in class and at home. Research has shown that music aptitude is highest at birth but diminishes if not actively nurtured in young children, so our musical activities intentionally nurture your child's music aptitude. Read What Parents are Saying to find out more.  

[Click HERE for the next (or most recent) FUN OUTING that we have planned for you and your family. We hope you can join us! If there is no "rain plan" indicated, the event will not happen if it's rainy or just too cold.]

To hear the music and see the joy of music and movement, I invite you to watch a brief movie about Musikgarten right now! 

Mistletoe Musikgarten, located in central Fort Worth . . .
* offers music classes for children from age four to nine (and beyond)
* partners with
Sophie Metzger, who teaches babies, toddlers, 3s and young 4s
* engages children in singing and creative movement
* attunes the child's ear and refines the young voice
* develops rhythmic bodies for instrumental playing
* nurtures the child’s music aptitude

The children at Mistletoe Musikgarten . . .
* bounce, dance, rock, sing, chant, and listen
* enjoy playing rhythm sticks, drums, jingles, and shakers
play rhythms and melodies on the resonator bars
* discover and play both familiar and new songs on keyboard

Please sign me up NOW for reminder emails before each semester. OR call NOW to schedule a FREE Preview class.

For spring 2019, Mistletoe Musikgarten will offer:
- Music Makers at Home: Bridge to Keyboard - for 4s, 5s and 6s
- Music Makers: At the Keyboard - for 7s, 8s, and 9s
- Private piano lessons for keyboard graduates and for transfer piano students
All classes are in central Fort Worth, near the Fort Worth Zoo. If you want reminders about registration and FREE events,
sign up for email reminders here. 

Families with babies, todders, and other very young children are encouraged to connect with Sophie Metzger, a long-time student of Ms. Carol's who is opening Saplings Musikgarten right here in Fort Worth. We are keeping the Teacher Page of this website updated regularly with Ms. Sophie's information, as her studio grows and blossoms.

Tip of the Season: Winter is a time to listen. The trees are bare. Nature's sounds travel far. As you walk with your children, listen for the birds and dogs and leaves, carried on the chilly winds. There is a world out there, waiting to share its beauty in sound. Make listening a family tradition!

I look forward to enjoying active music-making with you and your family this summer, fall, winter and spring. After all, music is for all seasons.

For Current Piano Students ONLY

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Carol E. Spencer, CMO

Mistletoe Musikgarten