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Music Makers: At the Keyboard (7s, 8s, 9s)

For Music-Loving Children who want to learn Keyboard~Piano (7s, 8s, 9s)
Dates: January 14 - May 17, 2018 (approximately 17 weeks of classes)
Times: One afternoon a week, after school (except Spring Break Week)

Cost: Tuition is $22/week plus Home Materials ($55/semester, max)

This 60-minute Music Makers: At the Keyboard class continues to cultivate the child's musical development through singing and moving, more complex tonal and rhythm patterns (written and aural), plus keyboard solos, duets and trios. Basic music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development, and music notation are developed more thoroughly, using the keyboard, resonator bars, and other instruments, as desired by the children.

Each class includes only two or three children, each working at their own pace, enjoying the same songs in class, and learning their favorites at home on the keyboard.

Parents are involved during the last 15 minutes of class to learn new skills to support the child at home and to enjoy occasional "mini-concerts" that the children prepare.

Registration for Music Makers: At the Keyboard (7s, 8s, 9s)

#1  Contact Ms. Carol as soon as possible to let her know of your interest. Six months in advance is NOT too soon to be in touch. She will connect your child with other children with similar backgrounds for a successful, long-term class for two or three children.
#2  Register online. (It takes 2-3 minutes.)
+ + + After Ms. Carol has received #1 and #2 from you, she'll be in touch.
#3  Watch for a PayPal invoice, covering a down-payment for your child's tuition ($22/week) and home materials ($55).
+ + + Your child's space is guaranteed and reserved ONLY after Ms. Carol has received your 1) registration, and 2) payment. + + +

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Music Makers: At the Keyboard and need additional information, please call or email.

Carol E. Spencer, CMO