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Seven Smile Guarantee

We think you'll like our Seven Smile Guarantee.

Your child’s first class at Mistletoe Musikgarten is guaranteed to bring at least seven smiles to you and your family within the first 72 hours after class. If you can’t count the smiles and wish to discontinue your enrollment, the non-refundable portion of you tuition will be cheerfully refunded. The cost of your home materials will also be refunded, if the home materials have not left the studio. (Please note that $40 of your tuition is not refundable.)

Just let us know within 72 hours after your first class (by e-mail) that you want a tuition refund, and we’ll send it to you – no questions asked. (Actually, we’d greatly appreciate any feedback from our families, but if you’d rather not share, that’s okay, too.)

Please note that the home materials (CDs, games, parent books) are not refundable once you take them from the studio. And the $40 non-refundable portion of your tuition is also not refundable.

As you can see, we want you to be happy with the quality and value of the music and movement classes we offer at Mistletoe Musikgarten. So, we guarantee our classes and your satisfaction.

That's our
Seven Smile Guarantee.