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Carol E. Spencer, CMO, teaches all classes at Mistletoe Musikgarten. She has taught early childhood music since 1997 in Fort Worth and greater Tarrant County. After earning a B.A. in music from the University of North Texas (Denton), she continued her musical training, specializing in early childhood music. She currently holds three certifications from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning: Early Childhood, Elementary, and Instrumental. She was an active member of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association for more than two decades.

Using Gordon music learning theory to guide her teaching, Ms. Carol teaches to the individual child's abilities. By observing each child's responses to tonal and rhythm patterns and by watching their musical movements, Ms. Carol discovers each child's strengths and challenges them to continue growing in their movement and music. Most of all, Ms. Carol enjoys helping young children and their families discover the joys of music -- and life!

Because of Ms. Carol's commitment to her long-term families, Mistletoe Musikgarten has been honored as a Musikgarten Exemplary Studio annually, from 2003 - 2017.

"I love Ms. Carol, because she comes into my heart with music." (Brooke, age five)

Introducing Sophie Meintjes . . .
A new Musikgarten teacher in Fort Worth. Sophie began her musical journey when her mom signed her up for Musikgarten lessons with Ms. Carol at the age of seven. Since then, Sophie has been pursuing her love for music through piano, guitar, and voice while competing in, writing, and performing music. At the age of 22, she is now majoring in humanities and vocal performance at Scarborough College. Texas born and raised, Sophie is passionate about good literature, education that encourages a love for learning, and expressing God's love and truth through creativity. Helping young children and families in their musical journeys through Musikgarten is an honor and a joy for Sophie, and she is looking forward to meeting each one of you!

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Comment from Ms. Carol: I am so pleased that Sophie has established Saplings Musikgarten right here in Fort Worth. When I first met Sophie at age seven, she was already filled with love for life and was (and still is) wise beyond her years. While others scratch the surface, Sophie digs down two feet to discover the deeply buried secret behind her questions. While others might be satisfied with what looks good, Sophie longs for the reality that will sustain her and those around her in love and joy. These traits make her a caring and understanding teacher, and I hope that many of you will choose to experience the energetic joy that Sophie brings to her music – and to young students and families.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about Sophie and her teaching. I want you to meet her and soak up her music, love and joy. If Sophie has any long-term updates regarding her studio, I'll let you know right here -- and on the home page of Mistletoe Musikgarten. I want you to tell your friends about Sophie, so that all of you can join her studio with your young children and enjoy music and movement with her for years to come.