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Class Descriptions

Spring, 2018 


SPRING, 2018 Family Music, $195 (6 mos - 4 years)

13 weekly classes/35 minutes

This class is designed to bring the joy of music and movement to all the young ones: babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their caregivers! Every class includes a hello song, bouncing song, instrument playing, group movement, focused listening, and fun folk dances. Your child's ear will open to singing tunefully and using the voice expressively. Every class includes rhythm patterns and tonal patterns taught through playful echoes. Adults learn along with the children!

Materials:included: CD, instrument, and parent booklet
Total:$195 (+ $25 annual WFAC fee, if unpaid first semester))

SPRING, 2018 Preschool Music, $195 (2.5 - 4 years)

13 weekly classes/35 minutes

Whether jumping in leaves, making snow angels, or splashing in puddles, Musik Garten's CYCLE OF THE SEASONS will take your child through the year singing, tapping, moving, and playing. Designed to nurture 

the emerging independence and imagination of the 3 - 4 year old child, the musical activities will continue to develop your child's ear, singing, and rhythmic coordination.

Parents stay for the class, although some of the activities are designed to have the children participate independently of their parents. 

Materials:included, CD or download and child booklet
Total:$195 (+ $25 annual WFAC fee, if unpaid first semester))

SPRING, 2018 Pre-Piano, $250 (4 - 6 years)

13 weekly classes/50 - 55 minutes

This class cultivates the child's musical development through songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, poetry and stories, movement activities, listening games, instrumental play and manipulative games. Rudimentary music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development, and music notation are dealt with using themes taken from the child's home environment and natural surroundings. Learning language for rhythm reading and solfege for ear training are taught in each lesson!

Four unique semesters allows your child to take classes for 1 - 2 years to get him/her ready to join in the group keyboard classes.  Exceptions are made only for students who have had the equivalent classes, and are assessed as being ready to begin the keyboard program.

Materials:included: CDs, parent booklet, child's folder, instruments pages
Total:$250 (+ one annual WFAC fee of $25, if unpaid first semester))

SPRING, 2018 Keyboard Book 1 - 2, $330 (6 - 8 years)

14 weekly classes plus one recital/70 minutes

1. Child has had assessment or been in the Pre-Piano classes for 2 - 4 semesters.  
2. Parent understands the parent role in the classes by attending a parent meeting or a demonstration class.

Your child will gallop through the beginning keyboard levels with Musik Garten's Music Makers at the Keyboard, an active approach to playing!

In Book 1 the children (along with their parent) will learn to

  • play and recognize by ear major and minor key songs, play in five different hand positions,
  • read/write rhythms in duple and triple, and
  • begin sight-singing major key patterns on the staff.

There will be a parent orientation for the Book 1 (children do not come to this meeting; parents only). Please register to come to the meeting listed under "Parent Meeting", before you have registered your child for the Book 1 class. Parents attend class with their children, participating in activities, learning to read rhythms, and taking notes to ensure a successful start to their child's playing the keyboard/piano.



SPRING, 2018 Continuing Keyboard, $330 (7 - 11 years)

6 - 8 children, parent attends class; 14 lessons plus one recital/70 min

Books 2 - 6 continue the fun of learning songs that will be played at the piano, as we gradually begin playing more written music.


Total:$330 + ($25 annual reg. fee, payable only once/school year)

SPRING, 2018 Piano Lessons (10 years and up)

TBA, one 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute lesson per week, 14 lessons, 1 recital

Only students who have completed all 6 books of the Music Makers at the Keyboard are eligible to be scheduled for private lessons with Ms.Mary Rekers, Ms. Diane Magill, or Ms. Serenity Fisher, all instructors in the Musik Kids Program.

Ear work, improvisation, and reading music are all incorporated into the child's continued piano studies, along with piano technique. This program is meant to serve children who love music-making, and love a variety of styles of music to play and sing.

Tuition:$30/ 30 minutes - $42/ 45 minutes - $54/ 60 minutes
Materials:pay as needed, separately to teacher
Total:Depends on length of weekly lesson