Musikgarten Teacher Account - $14.95/month

Use the link below to view a working example of a Musikgarten teachers website.
(Link will open in a new window).

The following are some additional features included with the service.

  • Custom Site Images - The system allows image uploads directly to the server where they will immediately appear on your website. You have the ability to resize the images on upload to any size you like.

  • Navigation Link Maintenance - You can easily turn on or off any of the navigation options on your website. If you don't want to use the "Our Teachers" link, for example, you can easily inactivate it through the Admin site and it will no longer display on your website.

  • Classes Offered - You can choose which classes are shown on your website. Only the classes you select will display. You can specify the class schedules for the classes you offer, and can edit the detailed information for each class.

  • Online Class Registration - We have provided an online registration form for your customers to register for a specific class. Only the classes you've selected as being offered will display in the drop-down box on the form. The registration information is stored in the system for later retrieval and is also sent to you in an email.

  • Map & Directions Page - You can enter directions to your business and can include embedded maps from Google Maps or MapQuest.

  • Our Teachers Page - You can enter a short bio on your teachers and upload their picture.

  • Events & News Page - This page is an area where you can provide information on your business, the classes you offer, and any upcoming events.

  • Contact Management System - You can maintain your customers' information and a history of the classses they've taken. You can send emails and txt messages directly to your customers and can create email blasts where you send multiple emails at once.