Musikgarten Musikgarten

Located at 1411 Southwest Blvd., Jefferson City, MO

Contact: 573-634-5872


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Classroom Policies

1. Please try to be on time.  This allows your child to settle in with the rest of the class from the very beginning, and provides fewer distractions for the rest of the class.

2. Food, toys, or other "distractions" often cause problems rather than provide comfort when brought into music class. Since another child might want your child’s drink or stuffed animal, it is often easier to leave those things at home or in the car.

3. For Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool classes:  Parents are expected to join us and actively participate in each class.  Dress for “moving and dancing!”  The best thing you can do for your child during class is to actively participate as your child's model, rather than a manipulator.  Once class starts, AVOID ANY UNNECESSARY TALKING!.

4. Family packets: One of the main goals of Musikgarten is to encourage musical play at home between parent and child. The family packet contains an excellent CD to encourage this. If your child listens to the CD at home, he will be prepared to participate in class with the other children. If you sing and dance these songs at home with your child, she will begin to enjoy a lifetime of music-making because she sees that music is an important part of YOUR life.

5. It is imperative, especially with young children, that the parent gently guides, rather than manipulates, musical play. In baby and toddler classes:  As long as the child is not hurting themselves or others, and nothing is being destroyed, a child will be allowed to explore freely. For some children, this will be in the form of observing. Participating will come later, when they are more comfortable. However, do not mistake this for not learning. A child is always learning!

It is my goal to bring the best early childhood music and movement education possible to children ages birth to 9. Age-appropriate instruction and materials will be offered for each class.

Financial Policies

1. Payment: All registration and materials fees are due one week before the first class. This allows me to order your materials in time to give them out at the first class. Monthly payments should be set up BEFORE first class. 

2. Late Fees: A $10 late fee will be assessed for any payment that is 10 days late. If payment is more than 30 days late, unless prior arrangements have been made, the student will not be allowed to continue.

3.  Refunds:  Registration and materials fees are non-refundable.  Tuition is refundable on a pro-rated basis only in cases of extended illness or family relocation.  To stop monthly payments, please submit a withdrawal form by the 15th of your last month (or 2 weeks before the next payment is scheduled).


If public school is closed due to bad weather, we will probably also be closed. Every attempt will be made to make up missed classes.  If public school is operating on a delayed schedule, we will be open and classes will run on their regular schedule.


We are fortunate to have plenty of parking spaces, and a nice parking lot. No child is allowed in the parking lot without parental supervision.

Once the class begins, please avoid all unnecessary talking.  If we want your child to learn to develop his/her listening skills, we need to let them focus on one sound - in this case, the music.  They are naturally tuned in to your voice, so if they hear you talk, that will override the other sounds we want them to focus on.  This is especially important during "focused listening" examples.

Understand that all children learn at different rates and in different ways.  Some children will be quiet in class, others will be active.  Some children will do everything perfectly at home, but not in class.  As a parent, you know that every child is unique, so check your comparisons at the door and let the music work it's magic!


Thank you for allowing me to guide your child toward musical literacy!