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Private Piano Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in Jefferson City for piano, guitar, voice, drums, and ukulele.  Call to schedule yours today!  573-634-5872

I am also offering an Accelerated Piano Class.  It is a 60 min. class for the same price as a 30 min. private lesson.  I have 2-4 students at a time, and they have time to get comfortable with their songs in class, so when they go home, practice is more successful.  They also learn to be self-directed learners, and take more responsibility for their own learning.  I have several in these classes now, and they are really doing well.  I normally give new students a couple of private lessons to get them started and see how they will fit into a class.

Private Piano Lessons

Private lessons for beginners or transfer students age 9 to 99.
Offered  at Jefferson City Music Academy, 1411 Southwest Blvd.,
Jefferson City.
Schedule is year-round. Call for openings.
30 minute lessons (OR 60 min. classes) once a week.
One time registration fee: $25
Lesson fee: $108 per month plus books. There is also a yearly supplemental music fee of $15/student.

Please refer to my other web site at for more information on private lessons. 

Parent Comments:

I wanted to let you know what a great job you are both doing, (My daughter) has really grown in her piano skills and it is great, she is so much farther along than I ever expected in 1 year. That is great, thank you again for all you do.



Welcome! You have just made a very smart investment decision for your child's future. Piano lessons teach much more than how to play a few notes on a keyboard. Your student will also gain self-discipline, composure, self-reliance, fine-motor dexterity, a new sense of self-worth, to name a few.

I am a degreed, Missouri state certified teacher with over 45 years of piano teaching experience. I look forward to working with your student and expanding his/her musical skills and horizons.

Because this is my business, there are a few rules and guidelines that need to be followed. I try to be flexible, but there must be limits. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.


--New students are required to pay a one time registration fee of $25 per family.

--Lesson fees, as of 9/1/2022, are $104.00 per month.  There is also a yearly supplemental music fee of $15/year.

--Lesson fees are set up as an automatic withdrawal from a credit/debit card.


--Your lesson fees reserve your time slot each week. A commitment to attend your lesson at that time is expected. 

--If you fail to show up for your scheduled lesson time, or for an agreed upon rescheduled lesson time, then the lesson is forfeited and no credit will be issued.

--Time lost due to tardiness on the part of the student will not be made up nor credited.

--With at least two weeks advance notice, lessons which conflict with a special event (such as a school trip, sporting event, or family holiday) may be rescheduled for a later date if one can be mutually agreed upon.

--Non-emergency cancellations and last-minute cancellations will necessitate charging the full lesson fee for the unused time reserved, and no make-up lesson will be scheduled.

--Less than 12-hour notice for a cancellation may be accepted for sudden severe illness, inclement weather, or a truly serious situation. However, the teacher is under no obligation to reschedule these lessons, nor will a credit be issued if a mutually agreeable time is unavailable for rescheduling.

--If I have to cancel a lesson, it will either be rescheduled or a credit given.

--Lessons are continuous, 12 months per year.  The schedule is arranged so that each student is scheduled to receive 48 lessons per year.  This allows for no lessons on major holidays, and sometimes an extra week off.


I will get any books needed. This eliminates the possibility of getting the wrong books and saves you trips to the music store--I can get them all in one trip. However, I do encourage you to visit a music store to explore what extra music is available, after your student is past the beginning books. An excellent one is The Music Suite, on North Providence Rd. in Columbia. I will try to use any music you already have, as long as it is appropriate. Students normally work from 3 to 5 books at one time. Most of them run around $6-$10 each. Payment for books, after the initial set, is due with the next month's lessons.


--I will provide a notebook to write lesson assignments and notes in. The student is expected to review these notes every day at the beginning of their practice time.

--Parents, please be involved! Please read the notes I have written in the notebook for each lesson, and make sure you and your student understand what is expected of them. Help your student keep an accurate record of their practice time. Go over the theory lesson together (especially for young students). If any extra activities are assigned, please help your student complete them. Your involvement conveys the importance and acceptability of music in your child’s life.


--Daily practice is a must! I expect at least 5 days each week at these approximate times:

Age    Minutes per day
5-8          15-20 min.
9-12         20-30 min.
13 & up      30-45min.

However, productive practice is more than just putting in time. Students should always have a goal for their practice. Follow the instructions in the assignment book and work on trouble spots. Strive to do better than the day before.

 --The best time to practice is THE SAME DAY AS YOUR LESSON!  Studies show that you will retain much more of what you learned in your lesson if you practice within 24 hrs.

--Please provide a specific, consistent time for your child to practice, WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS, and make sure that time is honored by the entire family. For some students, early morning times work best.

--Until a child is around 10 years old or older, they need supervised practice times.

--Please read the enclosed “How to Help Your Child Practice at Home” for more suggestions. Notice the paragraph about retention!

--As an incentive, whenever the student practices 5 days a week, they get to pick an item out of a "grab bag".



-- This should go without saying, but please, WATCH YOUR CHILDREN IN THE PARKING LOT!

--To cut down on communicable diseases, each student is to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before their lesson.

--If your child will be brought to or picked up from their lesson by someone other than a family member, they must be on a pre-approved list.



--We usually have two recitals each year, one in December and one in the spring-- April or May. Every student is expected to participate, including adults. This is an important part of their education--it teaches poise and self-esteem and composure under pressure. Parents, other relatives, and friends are encouraged to attend. Recitals are currently held just down the street, and First Church of God.

--I also encourage all school age students to enter one or more competitions or festivals.  Other competition and festival opportunities may be available in the future.


--Please contact me any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions. Remember, I only see your student one day a week--the other 6 days are up to you. Please let me know how I can help you! You can contact me by:

--Leaving a note in your child’s assignment book.

--Calling or texting me. You will often need to leave a message on my voice mail.
  Cell phone - (573) 634-5872

--e-mailing me--I check my e-mail every day.

--Mailing address
Helen Haynes
106 Chico Dr.
Ashland, MO 65010

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with your student.

Thank you.
Helen Haynes
Haynes Music Studio / Jefferson City Music Academy