Musikgarten Musikgarten
Burghart Music Studio
Home Office: (269)753-5044 Marshall Studio Address: Grace Baptist Church
16738 Hubbard Road 500 Cosmopolitan
Marshall, MI 49068 Marshall, MI 49068
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Please use the following form to register each child for classes. 
Please call 269.753.5044 if you have any questions or concerns. I want every child to be a part of a class!!  

If you choose to pay by installments or need to make arrangements for the intial payment please tell me in the "Question/Comment" area of the registration form. Payment can be made through PayPal or by check or cash.  Checks may be sent to:

Burghart Music Studio
16738 Hubbard Road
Marshall, MI  49069
If you do not wish to register on line, please contact us via phone, text or email and we will assist you in registration off line.

We will contact you after we receive your registration to confirm the availability and provide any additional  information.

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