Musikgarten Musikgarten

The Ellen Johansen Music Studio
8 Stratton Square East Hampton, NY 11937

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I am Ellen Johansen and I teach all classes and piano lessons at the Ellen Johansen Music Studio.  I offer a full range of music and movement classes for babies, toddlers and young children.  My studio is the place to fall in love with music. My full listing of Fall classes is now availiable for all ages.  Please look through our class offerings.

For a limited time you can join our Baby and toddler classes for a significant savings!
Family Music for Babies - Thursdays 11:30 - 8 classes and Material - $190
Family Music for Toddlers - Tuesdays 9:30 - 11 classes and Material - $235
Family Music for Toddlers - Monday 4:35 - 8 classes and Material - $190

This is a wonderful way to try out a program before you commit to a full session.

Children love to be in my studio because they join other children and adults to dance, sing and play musical instruments.  They are free to wiggle, jump, skip, sing and develop as children should through age-appropriate music activities as part of the Musikgarten Curriculum.  The classes are small, not like the overcrowded classes at the libraries.  The music material is the best offered on the East End.  You will meet other families that value music in their lives and all together we hope to nuture and develop all the children in my classes to play and enjoy music throughout their entire lives.

See our class offerings by clicking here

You can call Ellen for more information about the classes and to discuss which program is best for your child.

Below is a small sample of a toddler music class.  In this clip I am sharing a popular finger play.

Below are what parents and their children have said to me:

Christine and Otto are LOVING his lessons with you. Otto actually smiles while practicing. It is so beautiful to see. 
-Laurel, family assistant

"We tried that other music class in town and came back because we find your classes intellectually stimulating."
- parent enrolling in a music class

"Is Today Music Day?"
-a daily question from many of my enthusiastic toddlers!

"Lillette woke up and twirled around singing "the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will the robin do then? He'll keep himself warm inside of the barn and he ll hide himself under his wing. Poor thing. " I almost died from the cuteness. Thanks for giving her this gift. "