Musikgarten Musikgarten

The Ellen Johansen Music Studio
8 Stratton Square East Hampton, NY 11937

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Welcome to the Ellen Johansen Music Studio
Where We Add Music to Your Child's World
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Fall programs are now available for Registration. Spaces are limited so register now to reserve a spot in the program best for your child.

Fall Schedule starting September 2019
Mondays Tuesdays      Wednesdays Thursday Friday  
  10:00 - 10:35
For Ages 16 months - 3
Family Music class

  12:00 - 12:35
For Ages 0-16 months
Family Music For Babies

11:30 - 12:05
For Ages 16 months - 3
Family Music Class

 3:40 - 4:40
For Ages 4 1/2 - 6 
Music Makers At Home In the World

4:00  - 5:00 For Ages 7 and 8 
Music Makers at the Keyboard Year One - Book 1 
4:00 - 5:10 Music Makers at the Keyboard Book 5 3:50 - 5:00 Music Makers at the Keyboard Book 2  
4:45 - 5:30
For Ages 3 - 4
Cycle of Season
    5:00 - 6:00 Music Makers at the Keyboard Book 6 5:15 - 6:25 Music Makers at the Keyboard Book 5

Ellen Johansen, pianist and highly trained early childhood music and movement instructor, has taught Musikgarten music classes for over 25 years.  All classes are taught in her music studio in East Hampton Village, New York. The music studio is a light filled, air conditioned,  and conveniently located space...a special place where children and their families fall in love with music.  
"We tried that other music class in town and came back because we find your classes intellectually stimulating."
- Parent enrolling in a Toddler Music Program

"Is Today Music Day?"
-a daily question from many of my enthusiastic toddlers!

We all enjoyed your program so much! What is truly amazing, is the fact that they all walked into the class and didn't know one thing about music. And look at them now. You did an amazing job!
- Parent of a child finishing Book 4 of Music Makers at the Keyboard

"Lillette woke up and twirled around singing "the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will the robin do then? He'll keep himself warm inside of the barn and he'll hide himself under his wing. Poor thing. " I almost died from the cuteness. Thanks for giving her this gift. "
Mother of a Three Year Old Enrolled in Cycle of Seasons


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