Musikgarten Musikgarten

The Ellen Johansen Music Studio
8 Stratton Square East Hampton, NY 11937

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Full payment is due by the first class

Absences- if your child needs to miss a class for any reason, please let Ellen Johansen know by telephone, email or text. There is no makeup or refund for that missed class.  If Mrs. Johansen is ill or the class is
canceled due to inclement weather, there will be a makeup class added at the end of the program if there is space on the schedule. She cannot guarantee the makeup class will be during a day you can attend.

No class Switching - Your consistent attendance to the class you have registered is very important to the class.  Please plan to come to every class you have registered for.

All classes begin and end on time - it is important you arrive in time so that you have time to park, take off outer garments, remove shoes, put on socks, use the bathroom, etc.  It is a disruption to the class when you are late.  Please make sure your child has used the bathroom before class and has a water bottle available.

Parking - You may park in the driveway or on Newtown Lane.  Please do not park anywhere on Stratton Square.  When parking in the driveway, pull all the way up as far as you can go.  The driveway can handle 8 normal size cars.  If you need to leave early or do not wish to wait for others to leave, please consider parking on Newtown Lane.  
The class will not be stopped to move cars if you are caught in the driveway.  Please, please, do not park at the end of the driveway so that you can leave first.  Instead, park on Newtown Lane if you do not wish to be blocked in.

Refunds - There is no refund for classes not attended.  Home 
Material is non-refundable.  Returned checks are charged $25.00. If a child is deemed not ready for a class they have enrolled in, Mrs. Johansen has the right to credit money towards the next semester.

Medical Disclosure - If your child is under any medication or has an allergy, please let Mrs. Johansen know.  

Learning Issues - If you are aware of any learning issues, please discuss with Mrs. Johansen.