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The Ellen Johansen Music Studio
8 Stratton Square East Hampton, NY 11937

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About Us

My families join my music classes for many reasons but I think this comment says it all:
"I attend those other music programs in town but I come here for real music learning. " 

Many inquiring parents ask me, "when should I start my three year old in piano lessons (or guitar lessons, or voice lessons.) " Having taught piano lessons to students of all ages for over 35 years my answer is  " start as early as possible and make those early years a comprehensive music program that will set the foundation for you child's later formal music lessons". And guess what?  My music studio the right place for this kind of learning.   Rather than to expect a toddler or child under five to sit still and pay attention during a long 30 or 45 minute formal piano or guitar or voice lesson, my studio offers children's music classes where music and movement is the primary mode of learning and experiencing music.  

In this music program children from babies through age 9 express music through singing, dancing, drumming and playing musical instruments.  Each musical activity is part of a marvelous curriculum called Musikgarten.  When you join a class you will be sure that every activity is appropriate for their growing brains and bodies.  My students can't wait to come and make music!.  Being ready for formal one on one music lessons may not happen until your child is 7, 8 or even older.  

Your young child is more than ready for my music and movement classes!

Many graduates of my program are those selected to sing solos in their school choirs,  and to play in their school orchestras and  in their school bands.  They are ready for that music lesson with their ears as their leader!  They continue to enjoy their music study because for them music is a passion and this is what I want to develop in all the children that walk into my studio.

One parent, who's son has been participating in my classes since he was a toddler and now takes weekly piano lessons as an eleven year old, exclaimed, "If I could repeat a toddler day in my son's life it would definitely include a toddler music class in your studio."  She remembers the joy of singing, dancing and rocking with her once upon a time toddler, soon to be teenager.  

So are you interested in this musical adventure?  Try out a class in my studio this week!  Just call me  (631-324-9648) to confirm what day you wish to join us. Every class is part of a life long journey for every family.  Be a part of it.    We would love to have you.


Ellen Johansen