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Class Descriptions

Ms. Olivia is teaching multi-age (0-5 years old) classes over at Joyful Noise Music Studio at 411 Park Ave in River Forest (on the third floor). The fourteen week winter session begins on Tuesday, January 11th and end on Saturday, April 23rd (no classes March 22nd-26th). We'll use our Family Music curriculum, the "Dance With Me" packet (picture shown below).  

We have three mask options for our classes, so please pick a time slot that makes you most comfortable.
MR- Masks Required
MO- Masks Optional
OM- All masked except teacher for instructional purposes

Tuesday 9am-9:35am MR
Tuesday 10am-10:35am MO
Thursday 9am-9:35am OM
Thursday 10am-10:35am OM
Friday 9am-9:35am OM
Friday 10am-10:35am MR
Saturday 9am-9:35am MR
Saturday 10am-10:35am MO

Family Music (16 mo-3 years)
Winter: Dance With Me Parent Book / CD & Digital / One Scarf

Children will love making music along with their parent (or other grown-up). We sing songs from all different cultures!  Songs of contrasting tonalities, moods, and meters. We do finger plays, wiggling and tickling activities, body awareness songs and bouncing songs to experience the joy of playing together!

We do group dances for gross motor development and cooperation. A lot of movement is incorporated in all classes to develop balance, control and coordination, and to raise the level of consciousness of how to move, where to move and how parts of the body feel while in action. 

We develop and learn in the context of loving community. Through making music with other children and caring adults, young children are invited to become part of a music-making community.  Holding hands, singing, listening to simple stories, playing instruments, and moving to music together bond the child to their loved ones and the larger community. Our shared activities bring enjoyment to everyone.  

Activities include singing, dancing, focused listening and simple instrument playing, creating an environment in which the child's music aptitude is nurtured and skills are developed. Use of drums, hoops, large parachute, and other props enhance the delightful playtime. Patterns continue as part of every class to shape listening skills and acquaint the child with the rhythms of music.